Table of Contents (Horspedia)

How it all started?

When I was 6 years old, I got the opportunity to ride my first horse.

That experience stuck with me, and ever since then, I was mesmerized by this magnificent animal.

I decided to start this blog with my partner who is an equestrian vet to bring you the ultimate online equine resource.

What will this site be about?

The site is meant to be the complete guide on horses and all quirks of being a horse owner.

We decided to split the content into 4 categories – horse history and background, horse breeds (including ponies!), horse recreation sport, and equine care.

Want to contribute?

We are always happy to take new contributors on board. Want to share your equine story, or write about a topic dear to your heart?

Perfect – hit us up and we will loop you in!

Enjoy this resource – thanks for visiting – spread the word!