4 Wonderful Horse Breeds From Bulgaria Slovakia and Poland (Quick Equine Overview)

In the equine world, there have been some countries that are recently emerging with the newly bred horse breeds – for example, Bulgaria with Pleven horse.

Other than Bulgaria, the other 3 notable Eastern European horse breeds come from Slovakia (Kladruber) and Poland (Malapolski and Wielkopolski).

Keep reading to find out more about Pleven, Kladruber, Malapolski and Wielkopolski.

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Bulgarian Horse Breed Pleven | Beautiful Horse with Recent Origin

This breed is of comparatively recent origin. Pleven Horse Breed was developed at the state-owned Dimitrov farm near Pleven, and resulted from the crossing of Russian Anglo-Arabs with local Arab and cross-bred horses.

The Hungarian Arab blood of the Gidran type was added to Pleven horse in the early part of the twentieth century.

The breed was deemed fixed in 1938, although since that time some carefully selected English Thoroughbred blood has been introduced.

Bulgarian Horse Breed Pleven

The Pleven horse has an ‘Araby’ appearance and makes a bold, spirited ride. It is a dual-purpose animal and is used both for light agricultural work and for riding.

Pleven horse and its natural jumping ability make it a good competitive horse.

Pleven Horse Breed from Bulgaria (Quick Facts)

  • size: 15.2 hh (155 cm)
  • main colours: chestnut
  • characteristic: versatility
  • uses: riding and light agricultural work

Slovakian Horse Breed Kladruber (Similar to Andalusian)

The big, upstanding Kladruber horse is similar in appearance to the Andalusian, with the same convex face shape.

Emperor Maximilian II founded a stud at Kladruby in Bohemia in 1572, using Spanish foundation stock.

The horses that were bred there became known as Kladrubers and were used for drawing the imperial carriages. Much in-breeding took place, although infusions of Neapolitan blood were also made from time to time.

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It was not until the 1920s that the first successful crossbreeding with a Shagya Arabian was made.

Slovakian Horse Breed Kladruber

Since that time the Kladruber horse breed – which originally stood at around 18 h.h. (180) cm) – has become smaller and more active.

Although it is still a harness horse, it is also used to produce cross-bred riding horses. Only grey and black Kladrubers have been bred since the early nineteenth century.

Today the Kladruby Studi solely produces greys, the black horses being kept at a nearby stud.

Kladruber Horse Breed from Slovakia (Quick Facts)

  • size: 162-17h (165-170 cm)
  • main colours: grey black
  • characteristic: strength
  • uses: harness

Malapolski Polish Horse Breed (Recently Developed with Oriential Blood)

A recently developed breed containing a good deal of oriental blood, the Malapolski is similar to the Wielkopolski but lighter.

Malapolski horses are bred mainly in the southwest of Poland. They have similar regional variations to the Wielkopolski horse breed, also from Poland.

Malapolski Polish Horse Breed

The Malapolski horse is a quality riding horse that averages 15 h.h. (150 cm). Although the Sadecki-which may be bigger is capable of undertaking light draught work.

Malapolski horse breed horses are exceptionally sound horses, with great stamina and an equable temperament.

Malapolski Horse Breed from Poland (Quick Facts)

  • size: 15hh (150 cm)
  • main colours: all solid colours
  • characteristic: soundness
  • uses: riding

Wielkopolski Horse Breed from Poland (Created from 2 Breeds – Poznan and Masuren)

Wielkopolski horse breed is a composite name for what were formerly two separate breeds, the Poznan and the Masuren.

The Poznan horse breed contained Arabian, Hanoverian and Thoroughbred blood, while the Masuren breed of horses was based on the Trakehner horse breed.

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Although all the Polish Warmbloods are now known as Wielkopolskis, those bred in certain areas are still regarded as being of specific types.

Wielkopolski Horse Breed from Poland

The Wielkopolski breed is a good quality riding horse, of sound constitution and sensible temperament.

It can also be used in a harness.

Members of the Wielkopolski horse breed are noted for their paces: long, easy walk, a low, level trot and a ground-covering canter and gallop.

Wielkopolski Polish Horse Breed (Quick Facts)

  • size: 16 hh (160cm)
  • main colours: all solid colours
  • characteristic: good paces
  • uses: riding and driving