Explore the Beauty of Hungarian Horse Breeds: Quick Facts and Overviews of 4 Popular Breeds

Hungary has been one of the most influential countries in old Europe. Other than delicious food, Hungary has produced some of the most famous world horse breeds. The most popular Hungarian Horse breeds are Furioso, Murakoz, Nonius and Shagya Arabian.

Keep reading to find out more about their size, character, main colours and uses.

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Furioso Hungarian Horse Breed | Good Conformation and Action

The Furioso Hungarian Horse Breed produces handsome saddle or carriage horses. They are based on two English foundation sires – the Thoroughbred Furioso (foaled in 1836), and the Norfolk Roadster North Star (foaled in 1844).

As a result, they were mated with the local mares of the Nonius type.

Furioso Hungarian Horse Breed

Originally developed at the Mezőhegyes Stud, Hungary, infusions of Thoroughbred blood continued to be used to upgrade the breed.

The result is a horse of sufficient quality to take part in all equestrian sports-including steeplechasing – at the European level; it also goes well in harness.

The Furioso Hungarian horse breed is a horse of reasonably good conformation, with a free slightly exaggerated action.

Furioso Hungarian Horse (Quick Facts and Specs)

  • size: 16 hh (160 cm)
  • main colours: black & brown
  • characteristic: versatility
  • uses: riding & driving

Murakoz Horse Breed from Hungary (Origin)

Murakoz is a draught-horse bred in the river Mura region of Hungary (and also in Poland and the former Yugoslavia).

Murakoz horse breed has been developed during the twentieth century by crossing native mares with Percheron, Belgian Ardennes and Noriker stallions, as well as with home-bred horses.

Murakoz Horse Breed

In the 1920s, as many as 20 per cent of all horses in Hungary were Murakoz, but the breed suffered many losses during World War II and it has never succeeded in regaining the strength of its former numbers.

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The Murakoz is a fast-moving horse of some quality and is also a good agricultural worker. It is noted, too, for being good-tempered, reliably sound and an economical feeder.

Hungarian Murakoz Horse Breed (Quick Facts and Specs)

  • size: 16 hh (160 cm)
  • main colours: usually chestnut with flaxen mane & tail although bays browns, greys & blacks do occur
  • characteristic: fast movement
  • uses: light agricultural work

Nonius Horse Breed from Hungary | Predecessor of Furioso Horse Breed

The precursor of the Furioso, the Nomnius was also developed at the Mezőhegyes Stud in Hungary.

The foundation sire is said to have been a French stallion called Nonius (foaled in 1810), itself the result of a mating between an English half-bred stallion and a Norman mare.

Nonius Horse Breed from Hungary

Nonius was captured during the Napoleonic wars and taken to Hungary, where he sired 15 outstanding stallions from a variety of mares.

Stallions that originate from the Nonius horse breed are:

  • Arabian,
  • Holsteiner,
  • Lipizzaner
  • and Anglo-Norman.

Horse breed Nonius makes a good riding or carriage horse of medium to heavyweight and has an equable temperament. It is a late developer and is, consequently, a horse of some longevity.

Nonius Hungarian horse is tough and compact in build and is used in competitive sports as well as for light agricultural work.

Nonius Horse Breed (Quick Facts)

  • size: 15.3-16.2 hh (157-165 cm)
  • main colours: bay & brown
  • characteristics: good al-rounder
  • uses: riding and driving

What is the Origin of Shagya Arabian Horse Breed (Original Riding Horse)

A product of the great Hungarian studs, the Shagya Arabian was originally bred as a riding horse for the light cavalry of Hungary.

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The modern Shagya is equally practical, performing well in harness and under saddle.

The breed takes its name from a Syrian horse called Shagya, who was imported to the Babolna Stud in Hungary along with several other Arabs in 1836 for restocking purposes and became a prepotent sire.

Shagya-Arabian Horse Breed

This horse breed possesses the usual Arabian characteristics and temperament, but is bigger and has more substance and bone than many modern Arabs.

Hungarian Shagya Arabian horse has pronounced withers, a more sloping shoulder and notably correct hindlegs.

Shagya Arabian Horse Breed (Quick Facts and Characteristics)

  • size: 15 h.h. (150 cm)
  • main colours: often grey but all solid colours may be found
  • characteristics: notably correct hindlegs
  • uses: riding, harness